Hello! This is a temporary website for Clayton Aldern—he’s still waiting for a spare weekend to code up a real one. If you were looking for him, you’ve ended up in the right spot. This is as good as it gets for now.

I’m a journalist, a neuroscientist, and one of those nebulous catch-alls known as a consultant. I spend a lot of time thinking about—and, when I’m lucky, writing about or advising on—things like climate change, environmental justice, homelessness, science policy, digital media, machine learning, open data, and brain-computer interfaces. I also do a good bit of scientific computing (MATLAB / Python / R) and data visualization (previous languages / Tableau / Illustrator / GIS stuff).

I have a master’s in (mostly computational) neuroscience and a master’s in public policy from Oxford. I’m originally from Minnesota, and I studied neuroscience at Brown. Right now, I’m freelancing in Seattle, where I spend a good part of my day cultivating the elegantly disheveled/unwashed Pacific Northwest writerly vibe:

clayton aldern

Some journalistic bits and bobs are under Selected Projects, and some social and professional links are at the lower left (or awkwardly left-justified above this text if you’re on a phone).

Tips/inquiries: aldern [at] caldern [dot] xyz

PGP fingerprint: 77A3 4FBD A332 B486 5F58  38CC 771A B67B 6A6C E030

ProtonMail: aldern [at] protonmail [dot] com

…and for the sake of completeness: 89DD 03A9 8468 C3ED 11D7  2FE3 9210 D871 CB29 0A30